Extending your home is a good way of creating additional living space and can also open up opportunities to reconfigure the existing space so it works better for modern living.

We have carried out a number of successful extensions and below is a brief summary of how the process may work:

  • Contact us to discuss your project
  • Forward on plans (if they are available)
  • Meet to go through the project details (preferably on-site)
  • We will issue a quote outlining the costs & work involved
  • We will answer any queries you may have or adjust the quote if the specification changes
  • We will issue schedules and agree a start date following acceptance of our quote

We are able to manage the whole project on your behalf but are also happy to work alongside other trade specialists or project managers if required.

Throughout the build we take responsibility for liaising with building control to make sure that each stage of work is inspected and signed off, resulting in final sign off on completion of the project.

We have experience in large extensions which have almost doubled the square footage of the existing house but equally we have done smaller extensions to simply create another room or a bit of extra space.

We are very proud of the product we provide – always aiming to do the work on time, on budget and to the very highest of standards.

Please see the portfolio for examples of our work.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss your project please contact us